Executive Summary

Healthcare leaders know that success looks nothing like it did in years past. Keeping pace in today's evolving landscape means not only driving better patient outcomes, but also running a healthy business

The problem is that running a practice has become a bigger, more complex process radically consuming the time and resources of physicians and staff. Ever-changing administrators and scheme agreements mean practices often leave money on the table. What practices need today are the right solutions, people, and expertise to manage the complex details of running a practice and clear the way for care.

As a strategic organisation, eMD provides a best-in-class service in conjunction with competitive pricing and improved functionality

Connecting with the right stakeholders in the medical aid industry is a struggle, for most services providers. As an established name in the industry, eMD bridges the gap between Healthcare Professional and Private Healthcare Insurers. It involves establishing a culture of community participation and improving the process of communication between the two groups.

eMD has the capability to grow the relationship, scale to meet the dynamic nature of our business, and provide these services on a global basis. The use of electronic billing software that switches medical billing and streamlines this communication process. EDI and Real-time allows swift visibility into a transaction status, and while easily understanding the claims transactions, and billing rules, this knowledge allows eMD to precisely review the age of the debt, and the financial status of the debtor.

This in turn enables faster decision-making and improved responsiveness to changing customer and market demands, and allows your business to adopt a demand-driven business model rather than a supply-driven one

Our success rate is determined by a number of factors but mainly the accuracy and extent of providing an end to end solution, which provides a holistic approach to the practice management of a clinician.

eMD's management team knowledge expands over 20 years of healthcare experience. We have a strong presence and actively participate in all the major South African industry forums such as the Private Healthcare Industry Standards Committee (PHISC) and the National ICD-10 Task Team in South Africa. Participation in these forums ensures that we are always abreast of industry requirements and changes and that we play a vital part in the decision making processes.

We have recently expanded to the Botswana, and Swaziland and are expanding into other African countries, actively providing healthcare solutions.

This model has been successfully deployed to thousands of practitioners, including several group practices, clinics and doctor groupings, since 1999.

Company Overview

Company Overview

Tailored to match your needs

Our experts can help you with as much, or as little, as you require. Whether you seek to add greater expertise in revenue cycle management, eliminate the hassles of managing billing, collections, and claims, or simply want to a claims submission practice management services, eMD Technologies can help you prosper now and in the future.

Five Step Process

Billing and Collections

Let us handle your billing and collections from start to finish. Using proven best practices, we take on tedious back-office functions where needed, such as registration, claim capture, claim submission, claim reconciliation, and payment recovery.

Account Management

Personalized and consultative professional guidance to drive process improvements, system enhancements, and best practices. Communicate regularly with an industry expert assigned specifically to your practice to review your revenue cycle performance, the drivers behind your performance, and any trends identified.

Accounts Receivable Management

We work with you to establish joint follow-up parameters, adjustment rules, and standards for account elevation, identifying which claims and payers are the most difficult to your practice and customizing claim resolution activities accordingly.

System Configuration

eMD Technologies utilizes a prescriptive methodology to engineer the best configuration of the technology and software applications in order to get the most out of its functionality, based on your practice’s needs.

Advanced Analytics

Custom reporting capabilities and the ability to analyze and provide sophisticated practice revenue cycle metrics at specific frequencies for complete visibility into your practice.

Customer Service

Knowledgeable, courteous billing professionals answer all inbound patient calls regarding billing. Querying rejected and non payment claims, reducing the drain on the practice resources.

The bottom line... Simplify your life!

Get the help you need to improve clinical and administrative workflows. Free up time to spend with patients. eMD Technologies helps you run your organization and simplify your life, by managing the details of your business.

  • Reduce the burden of documentation and accelerate patient throughput; our integrated software suite reshapes the way practices run their business; automate and streamline operations, and gain better control over billing and collections.
  • Enhance care management, while improving revenue; we can help you achieve a healthier bottom line, capturing more revenue, accelerating cash collections, and eliminating claim rejections by up to 70 percent.
  • The main fact that differentiates eMD Technologies from third party collection outsourcing is that we have our own in house developers and multilingual recovery specialists.
  • Our IT team consists of 8 full-time in-house developers, 2 Business Analysts and 1 Project Manager.
  • With our wide skills sets, on hand, and provided we receive the integrated specification, eMD will be able to implement and provide fully compliant integrated system within the shortest possible time. Using eMD Technologies services fuels the growth of your practice.

Trusted by more than 3000 practices

20+ years in the healthcare industry

87+ healthcare practitioner types

Submission of Claims and Data Sharing

Data sharing is essential for care coordination and collaboration, however practices struggle to gain access to real-time, complete patient information, especially when technology system silos make it difficult to exchange data.

eMD's management team knowledge expands over 20 years of healthcare experience, with 135 staff members, spread across 6 regional offices, servicing more than 3000 practices.

eMD over the last three months has switched a total number of 400000 claims per month to a value in excess of R300000000.00 to 45 Schemes Administrators for 101 EDI Target Submissions.

A further total of 854824 Real Time claims to the value R488379854.54 were switched to 6 Real Time Administrators.

Are you ready to make the move? You focus on your patient care, we will focus on your financial results

We’re ready to help you identify and address billing problems before they affect your profitability. See how our billing and practice management services optimize your billing and debt management processes. See how our collections, and claims services eliminate the need for expensive hardware, upgrades, and management.

Free yourself to focus on more strategic activities, that enables you to free up time in both your professional and personal capacity. See how our billing and practice management services can help you better analyze your performance, repair problems, and prosper through improved financial outcomes — all while refocusing on what you do best, caring for patients.

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