Are you a general practitioner and would like to offer wellness screening in your practice, and receive payments for the health assessments performed?

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Previously available in pharmacies, WellScreen is now available to general practitioners at the click of a button, using an application.

  • Getting started with WellScreen is easy. In fact, it only takes 5 steps. Once you login, choose the service to get started, the assessment will guide you to do only the measurements that is required. Do the assessment, save it, claim it, then wait for payment from the loyalty companies and / or medical aids. Discovery Vitality, Momentum Health and others.
  • WellScreen has other benefits too. It all happens in real-time!
  • From basic disease information to benefit checks and validation of patient information. The Benefit check will assist in avoiding doing the assessment again if it was done recently.
  • Use WellScreen to identify patient health risks and provide lifestyle guidance and healthcare advice based on accepted guidelines.