Patient Debt Collection Overview

At eMD we know that your first priority is providing each of your patients with the best possible care.

Time consuming support activities like updating patient files, billing, submitting bills to medical schemes, chasing after payments and reconciling claims, should not be front of mind. eMD offers the most effective end to end fully integrated practice management solution available.

Our cutting edge solution will streamline your in-practice processes, saving you time and administration nightmares.

With our new web based mobile App you can have a bird’s eye view of exactly what is transpiring in your practice at any given time and from any mobile device anywhere in the world, 24/7.

eMD has the ability to offer:

  • Largest medical debt administration in the country.
  • Introduce a formal internal control policy and/or program that is up to date and fully implemented.
  • Internal Audit checks of the internal controls program on a regular basis.
  • Monitor processes and collection , in terms of speed and accuracy.

eRecoveries, our dedicated patient debt collection division

eMD has a dedicated recoveries division, exclusively committed to collecting medical aid debt.

Our collection is done in an assertive and professional manner which includes the sending of highly customized debt collection letters and telephonic follow ups. We use a number of investigative techniques and resources to gather as much current information as possible.

The prime area of concern for many practices is the security of payment and performance results. In the healthcare sector, in particular, a code of conduct, ethics and privacy are essential.

The listing and removal of default debtors from ITC Transunion is at our cost.

Debt collection fees are charged on a 'no success' 'no fee' basis, we carry the expenses associated with the collection process. This means that if we do not collect the debt you will not be charged.

We offer a free consulting service including a full analysis of the status of your debtor's book.

Our Philosophy is simply to improve effectiveness and efficiency within your practice by removing tedious and non-productive tasks from your practice schedule wherever possible.

The key benefits of debt analysis from eMD:

  • Maximise recoveries.
  • Reduce collection costs.
  • Improve quality of customer understanding.

Using eMD's debt analytics you can:

  • Understand the ability and propensity to repay.
  • Prioritise collection activities to maximise recoveries and reduce collection costs.
  • Use scoring for collection of debt and to monitor and evaluate the productiveness of existing debt under current circumstances.