Drive quality. Control costs. Practice medicine.

Allowing eMD Technologies to complete your administration needs, gives you a dedicated, skilled administrator to perform services based on your organizational needs.

Our specialised and dedicated team have expertise, superior system knowledge, and resources at their disposal; to deliver quality practice management needs. This in turn frees the client to concentrate on practicing medicine.

At eMD we recognise that the clients primary focus is to build and establish an efficient practice, therefore we provide the necessary tools for the efficient operation of the practice, tailor made to suit your needs.

Improve your financial performance and thrive

eMD strives to make a difference to your bottom line by managing high claim volumes, potential data loss, and ever-changing regulations, allowing your organization to focus on its core business.

As scheme requirements escalate, technology ages, mergers occur, and staff turnover, with eMD, financial performance will be easily balanced..


Did you know more than 25-30% of lost medical practice income is from improper billing?

Without the right IT systems and expertise, you can lose precious patient care time as you struggle to better manage revenue cycle issues such as rejections and claim errors.

Achieve measurable proven results

Who do you trust to analyze your business performance? What kind of partner can provide expert advice and meaningful solutions to ensure you get paid?

Boost your financial performance almost immediately. Look at our track record of success delivering outstanding financial results, and it'll be easy to see how we can help you better analyze your business, improve outcomes and improve your financial performance.


We manage more than R450,000,000.00 worth of claims, with an average of 91% of all claims reconciled at any given time, which makes us the leading medical debt bureau in the country!

Our goal is to optimize revenue and improve cash flow. So how do we do it?

Our experts analyze your debt, and financial status, and then manage your billing, collections, and claims so you can optimize revenue and reduce a multitude of organizational headaches. Use our services so you can focus on higher-value activities such as delivering more care without worrying about collections and other back-office issues.

Our billing and practice management services will assist you to achieve collaborative, coordinated, and quality financial results.

Top-tier software

With the eMD Technology solutions suite you get complete, seamless integration as well as consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among your providers, hospitals, and patients.

Single platform, integrated technology

Our one-platform solution, integrates and synchronises all areas of your practice including clinical, administrative, revenue solutions, claims, Practice Management, Patient Portal, and more.

Workflow automation tools

Helps replace costly, time-consuming manual processes so you can reduce claim denials and improve collections.

Localised and Online system access

Even without an internet connection, your practice can continue to work.