Healthcare IT Advisory Services

eMD's IT Team provides an individual outlook to understanding an organizations culture, hierarchy and internal customer dynamics.

The eMD advisory services team work interactively to understand the unique fabric of our clients' organizations. We formulate solutions that ensure your vision becomes a reality. This insight then provides a blueprint generating invaluable information, commitment and creativity around your key objectives.

We apply critical and essential soft skills and strong interpersonal skills to develop strategic plans for your organization, establishing a close relationship inorder to work on the same page for a closely coordinated approach to any project. On this foundation, eMD will turn your vision into a savvy comprehensive tactical plan.

At the eMD Group, we design your tactical solutions through well-developed project plans. Our service will help refine the approach, the methodology and the resources to execute your plans on time and on budget.

Business Analysis – Set Expectations, Communicate Direction, Establish Interactive Feedback, Align

  • Communication strategy
  • Consensus building and engagement activities
  • Baseline metrics
  • Benefits realization and tracking

Revenue Generation and Expense Management – Innovate, Apply Business Framework, Develop Plans

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Industry benchmarking and analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Financial modeling and analysis
  • Tracking

Project Management – Establish, Develop Capacity Plans, Set Methods/Process

  • Charters
  • Scope management
  • Work plans and critical path
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring and addressing barriers

Administrative and/or Clinical Workflow and IT Integration – Enabling Technology, Reduce the Cost of Healthcare, Improve Quality of Care

  • Subject-matter expertise and methods/tools
  • Workflow
  • Advanced technologies
  • Design and optimization

Organizational Development – Address Pain Points, Develop Strategies, Manage Change/Transformation

  • Assess people and process
  • Analyze root cause
  • Recommend strategy
  • Develop tactical plans
  • Improve process

For complete information on how the EMD's healthcare IT advisory services team can help your organization, please contact us today.