Forensic Audit

An audit is a systematic and independent examination to provide assurance to a stakeholders over a specific subject matter in accordance against a set of criteria or framework.

The forensic audit helps establish and maintain the overall strategy, vision, operating model and operational value chains for an organisation to deliver high quality service.

There are many tools with which to unravel if the strategic objectives are met , by using policies, procedures, financial intelligence combined with IT skills, involving cyber forensic techniques.

The investigative team will be able to reconstruct transactions and operations to assist in mitigating or uncovering the unauthorized policies, procedures and financial activities or implementations within the organization.

The objectives of forensic audit will help you improve your corporate governance, which are:

  • To increase, promote and improve management accountability.
  • To help strengthen the current corporate governance audit function.
  • To improve the financial reporting system.
  • To identify trends in financial fraud.
  • Providing additional assurance for audit committees.