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eMD Technologies offers specialised services that allow practices to switch from analogous data and record keeping practices to electronic ones. This offers a centralised practice management solution that optimises management, information storage and usage, claims submissions and data interchange; allowing for more efficient, effective and secure management practices.

A Centralised System

Our practice management systems allow for greater flexibility and control while offering a holistic overview of each and every detail of your practice. Through it, statistics can be viewed at a glance, and changes can be made to individual systems, as well as a number of them with efficiency and ease.

The benefits of using a centralised management solution are numerous:

Make it easier to focus on individual tasks

Reduce the costs of large-scale management systems

Enhance the security of your practice

Gain access to statistics that allow you to make informed decisions at a moment’s notice.

Real-Time Record Keeping

Our practice management solutions provide the ideal approach to record keeping that is constantly up-to-date, accurate and accessible by those who need to make use of financial details, patient records and more.

These are updated in real-time to ensure that nothing slips the notice of your practice, and allows for better treatments, research and a more streamlined approach to hospital or clinic administration.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic data interchange brings practices to the modern forefront by allowing for electronic communication of information that would otherwise be done analogously. It offers a number of benefits to medical practices, including better security, more efficient processes, and fewer running costs.

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