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Online Shared Calendars

Facilitate a more cohesive medical practice with a practice management solution that offers online shared calendars. These ensure that each member of staff, and even your patients, are kept up to date in real-time with schedule additions, changes and cancellations.

Shared Calendars

With shared calendars, your practice can seamlessly centralise its scheduling processes for everyone in your facility. These can be accessed, altered and viewed by all concerned personnel to ensure that your practice runs like a well-oiled machine.

Future SMS Appointments from Calendar

Schedule notifications in the shared calendar to remind your patient and staff of up-coming appointments.

Schedule Appointment Reminders

Use the calendar to set reminders for staff and patients about pressing tasks, appointments and payments.

Shared Practice Calendar

Orchestrate the details of each and every task in your practice and share it with the appropriate personnel for seamless organisation and management of processes.

Comprehensive Patient queue on Calendar

Setup future appointments as well as walk-in patients to streamline consultations and treatments with patient queue calendars that enhance the way your practice manages available time.

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