Electronic Medical Records

Practice management software offered by eMD Technologies allows your practice to digitise medical records, allowing you to generate, access, edit, distribute and store them in an electronic format.

This holds a number of advantages for medical practices, including heightened privacy, more efficiency and improved accuracy. These benefits, in turn, allow for better services to be offered that are directly related to patient wellness.

Simple Interface for Healthcare Practitioners

A simple and intuitive interface ensures that each member of your medical practice is able to conveniently produce and manage accurate and complete electronic medical records for each individual patient.

Capture Relevant Clinical Information

Relevant patient information can be easily captured and displayed in various formats for analysis, comparisons and metrics.

Easily Done During Consultations

Electronic medical records, being easy and convenient to generate by practitioners, can be completed during a consultation.

Accurate Record Keeping

Archived information and records can be generated and stored to improve the accuracy of the data that your medical practice relies on in terms of patient medical history, and medical billing.

Facilitate Instant Reports & Referral Letters

Since medical records are stored electronically, they can be easily accessed at any time by practitioners, allowing for a more efficient process for reports and referral letters.

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