| Motsoaledi not out ‘to destroy the private health sector’

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi wants SA's medical scheme beneficiaries to get immediate relief from 'the serious challenges experienced in the current medical aid regime'.

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A new study found that doctors who receive gifts from sales representatives of opioid painkiller manufacturers prescribe more of those drugs than doctors who don't.

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Historically speaking, the majority of plastic surgery patients were women. However, the number of men going under the knife is rapidly increasing.

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Wrong ideas about what causes cancer can lead to unnecessary worry and even inhibit good prevention and treatment decisions.

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Major changes to the Medical Schemes Act mean could mean scheme members could get more cover for less money – but for how long?

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After gathering scientific evidence, the World Health Organization recently classified gaming disorder as an official mental health problem.

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Civil society organisations released explosive details of a Special Investigation Unit report on massive corruption within the Gauteng Health Department.