Company Profile

eMD founded in 1999, by a general practitioner, has grown to be one of the major forces in the healthcare market. The thrust of this growth has been fuelled by the continuous development of innovative solutions to suit the ever-changing landscape that the general practitioners have to face.

eMD provides an end-to-end solution for the general practitioner and all other medical and dental specialists providing them with cutting edge software which seamlessly integrates with the eMD switch via the Internet to the healthcare insurance funders. The unique feature of eMD is that by innovatively deploying IBM® technologies we are able to provide groups of affiliated Healthcare Providers with simple solutions to manage their aggregated data. This provides a powerful tool for data collection, peer review processes, population disease profiling and risk analysis. These tools enable Healthcare Provider groupings to offer actuarially sound healthcare solutions to the market and provide leverage with healthcare insurance funder negotiations, at a very reasonable cost and short lead times.

For the individual practitioner, eMD provides an extremely easy way to assess cash flow and financial status of his / her medical practice. In a nutshell, eMD enables the practitioner to manage and control his / her medical practice without having to delve into the intricacies of financial accounting.

We have a strong presence and actively participate in all the major South African industry forums such as the Private Healthcare Industry Standards Committee (PHISC) and the National ICD-10 Task Team. Participation in these forums ensures that we are always abreast of industry requirements and changes and that we play a vital part in the decision making processes. eMD has been selected to be the IT partner of choice to develop and manage the South African Heart Association’s Registry which is used by the SA Heart Association to participate and compare against international trends and research.

This model has been successfully deployed to thousands of practitioners, including several group practices and Healthcare Provider groupings, since 1999. Our current user base can be summarised and includes General and Dental Practitioners, Allied Healthcare Professionals and Medical Specialists.

eMD Purpose and Vision

Our visions is to be the leading solutions provider to the healthcare market and serve our clients with integrity and dedication and to facilitate communication between all stakeholders involved in healthcare service delivery. To enable and empower healthcare providers with IT solutions , thereby increasing their efficiency and lessen the administrative burden on healthcare providers allowing them to concentrate on the patient.

Our Management Team

Chief Executive Officer Dr DB Tzitzivacos (Company founder)
MBBCh, BSc (Laboratory Medicine), FCPath (Haem) SA, MMed (Haematology) WITS, Master of Business Leadership, BSc (Computer Science) UNISA
Director Mrs HA Tzitzivacos
General Manager Mr J Nicolaou
IT Manager Mr E Oosthuizen
Certified Lotus Professional (CLP)