eMD Technologies provide flexible solutions to our Healthcare Providers. There are three basic options to cater for your every need.
  • Fullhouse - User captures data and submits via eMD Technologies. eMD would also then be responsible for the reconciliation of payments received.
  • DIY - User captures data and submits via eMD Technologies for reimbursement and reconciles payments received.
  • eBureau - This fully fledged bureau offers a trustworthy solution to those medical practices that do not want to be burdened with IT systems and healthcare industry demands.
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Features and Technology

eMD Technologies provide end-to-end solutions, integrating with our partners and healthcare insurance providers.
  • Ontime - Submit claims to healthcare insurance providers and perform patient eligibility checks in realtime.
  • Batch - Work in an offline mode capturing claims. Replicate the claims to us and we will batch them off to the relavent healthcare insurance providers.
  • Coding - Participating in all South African forums, namely Private Healthcare Industry Committee (PHISC) and National ICD-10 Task Team. We adopt all related coding systems.
  • Rates - We strive in assisting our Healthcare Providers with the latest published rates, from all healthcare insurance providers.
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eMD Technologies also provide many add on features through our partnerships.
  • SMS - Send bulk and individual text messages to patients.
  • Audit SMS - Receive a daily audit SMS, reporting the health of your healthcare practice.
  • Pathology - Receive pathology reports directly into our practice management application.
  • Clinical Notes - Keep track of patients medical records, through specific clinical condition questions.
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Creating partnerships with industry leaders, enable our Healthcare Providers to work from a solid foundation.
  • MediKredit - A single reference for ethical surgical and consumable products (NAPPI)
  • SA Heart Association - Cardiovascular research registry, with over 15 000 cathlab cases captured since inception.
  • Lancet and Ampath - Pathology reports integrated directly into your database
  • eRecoveries - Debt collections
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